5 Reasons to See an Endocrinologist in Mumbai

Many people need help to determine and define the specialization of a doctor. The Best Endocrinologist In Mumbai can treat various issues and symptoms related to hormonal imbalances.

You should know that endocrinologists specialize in both glands and the produced hormones. Our bodies produce hormones that control blood pressure, metabolism, hunger, cholesterol, body temperature, thirst, etc. Since hormonal imbalances can impact your daily life, consulting an endocrinologist is a good option.

Almost every common and uncommon endocrine disorder requires the expertise of endocrinologists. Here, we have made a comprehensive listing of the top 8 reasons for consulting an endocrinologist:

    • Thyroid

The thyroid secretes two hormones, namely T3 and T4. Most importantly, the thyroid hormone affects almost every organ, such as the heart, brain, bone, and gastrointestinal system. Sometimes thyroid gland disorders may induce hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

    • Diabetes Mellitus

It is probably the most common endocrine disorder that patients experience. It is a common disorder afflicting millions across the world and is due to the improper functioning of the pancreas and inadequate production of insulin.

    • Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis causes the deterioration of bone structure along with a low bone mass. It leads to bone fragility, where the patient is at an increased risk of fractures. Sometimes, this condition is also referred to as a silent disease, and there are no symptoms associated with low bone mass.

    • Obesity

It’s important to know that obesity is not only the result of poor choices and lack of discipline. Rather, it is a chronic, complex disease that increases the risks of developing various other diseases along with severe health problems.

    • PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

This health condition affects many women of reproductive age. Even though the underlying causes behind PCOS are not quite well understood, it primarily happens because of altered hormone reactions. Sometimes insulin resistance and abnormal selection of dominant follicles in the ovaries are also likely to induce PCOS.

It results in elevated androgens, which can be determined by physical examination or blood test. In most cases, women experience absent or infrequent menstrual cycles, and sometimes polycystic ovaries might also occur.

To Conclude

If you experience issues regarding hormonal imbalances, you can get in touch with the best Endocrinologist In Mumbai. They will provide you with the best treatment to improve your quality of life. So, don’t suffer silently and delay seeking medical attention!

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