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Azure Service Providers– Top Five Cloud MSPs

As far as others are concerned, AWS and Azure will be the long-run players because of the economy of scale they possess and the number of features and products they offer to their vast customer base.

After the covid-19 crisis, most of us have become aware of the word “cloud”. This pandemic has forced enterprises to migrate to the cloud, however, before shifting it is important to know which cloud service is suitable to your business needs.

Best 5 Managed Azure Service Providers – Cloud Support 2022

This resource was intended to help clients locate the best Azure service providers to tackle the organization’s issues. Building up a solid client and service is a complex process that can be tried both inside and outside and often goes beyond the gear and its technical abilities. The list on this page contains the best Azure managed service providers to simplify your search. These providers cover a wide range of platforms.

The usability of cloud computing has quickly become a primary driving force for businesses today, as applications moved out of on-premise data centers in a bid to cut costs and increase agility.

Since Microsoft came late to the market, they used some strategies to differentiate themselves from AWS. They focused first on software and platform instead of infrastructure. This was a good move for Microsoft since its key strengths lied in both enterprise and consumer software. Initially, their target customers were developers while later they expanded focus to IaaS services.

Azure allows users a lot of flexibility with virtual machines and can even run large-scale parallel batch computing. It offers more power and capacity for enterprise development and it allows the user to process and compute at a high capacity in just a few minutes.

  1. Rackspace

Areas of focus: First Cloud Environment Support, Multiple Management

Overview: Rackspace is a cloud computing solution and cloud hosting service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The retailer gives the management ability to public, private, hybrid, and multi-producing dependent on client needs and current cloud solutions. Rackspace has been in the cloud management sector since 2015, although the company has been in this zone since 1999. Gartner named Rackspace to the Magic Cloud Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Professionals and Management Services, Worldwide.

  1. Smartonics

Platform: Smartonics Cloud Assured Managed Services (CAMS)

Smartonics focuses on both cloud security and data compliance with the tools provided by the Unified Management Platform as well as thorough incident response. Providers can provide managed cloud services using traditional or DevOps methods based on the requirements and demands of the customer. Partnering with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud is part of the company’s designations.

  1. Tata Consultancy Services

Areas of Focus: Cloud Transaction Transformation, Cloud Modernization

Overview: Tata Consultancy Services is a worldwide IT vendor and managed services provider of AWS and Azure. Tata Consultancy Services’ managed cloud services focus on application change and modernization. Business entrepreneurs at TCS come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, including banking, media, insurance, and energy, providing access to worldwide markets and focusing on medium-sized and large companies. Additionally, Tata Consultancy Services offers a variety of technology contributions that clients can use in conjunction with their managed cloud.

  1. TierPoint

Overview: TierPoint is an IT service and management provider for Microsoft Azure. Azure solutions from the organization simplify the process of moving to the cloud, reducing complexity, and providing an integrated approach to planning and implementing. Data centers and cloud boxes for more than 20 business sectors are all networked from the vendor’s coast. The TierPoint solution suite encompasses networking services, disaster recovery, and customized, managed, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

  1. Trianz

Platform: Trianz

Focus Areas: Cloud Migration, Disaster Recovery, DevOps

Description: As an Amazon Web Services – AWS managed service provider, Trianz offers DevOps, database, and public sector migration services. Trianz provides AWS services such as strategy, monitoring, roadmaps, website and application migration, big data solutions, cloud-based services, disaster recovery, and backup, machine learning, artificial intelligence, native pipelines, automated frameworks, and security. The vendor offers a high-quality strategy and predictable performance so customers can benefit from cloud computing.

  1. Wipro

Platform: ServiceNXT

Focus areas: cloud development, cloud integration

Definition: Managed services are provided by Wipro IT for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Due to Wipro’s experience building applications for high-volume cloud service providers, it can assist customers in migrating to and managing multiple cloud deployments as the vendor is familiar with each cloud. Further, Wipro also has expertise in other IT disciplines, including mathematics, consulting, and product engineering, allowing it to address business cloud needs in a variety of ways.


Microsoft Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure, is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. It provides a range of cloud services, including compute, analytics, storage, and networking. Usesdars can pick and choose from these services to develop and scale new applications, or run existing applications in the public cloud.

Microsoft Azure services for your business, it is also important to assess your requirements before choosing a set of Azure services. Based on your needs, you can pick from the best-rated top Azure services or try out others from approximately 600 securely available Azure services.

An MSP Service:

With the AWS cloud infrastructure, Cerner manages and monitors your technology and data as a managed azure services provider (MSP). As an experienced provider of health data and hosting infrastructure, Cerner is proficient in cloud infrastructure and application migration.

So many companies who are planning to transfer their business require cloud platform professionals. So that they can easily solve the issues.

There are millions of companies out there that can provide you best Microsoft Azure services. It become hard to choose a perfect company for your business. So, to help you out with this here I have mentioned the best Microsoft Azure development company that you can rely on.

With an AWS MSP partnership, your IT department can focus on its core business while AWS manages and monitors your cloud infrastructure.

  • Expert account setup
  • 24/7/365 follow-up
  • Comprehensive maintenance
  • Next-generation managed services

For the year, ExtNoc looked to standardize systems and frameworks, automate in the background systems for convenient solutions and troubleshooting. Deploy more on-site servers for more stable, strong, and managed disaster recovery services, and by providing productive, best-in-class systems.

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