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Birthday Gifts for Kids in India

Kids are innocent angels in anyone’s life that fill us happily & joy. Their one smile fills our life with energy & positivity. Hence, we’ve curated a number of the foremost amazing gifts for teenagers as per their age & gender. So, present your baby with chocolates, soft toys, or another fun-filled gift by ordering an item with us.

Let your little kids enjoy their childhood in a fun-filled manner by gifting them with interesting items available to us.

Best Birthday Gifts for Kids in India

Choose among the following items that you would like to give your kid as a gift on his/her birthday:

Personalized Cushion

Delight your kid on his/her birthday with this beautiful stunning cushion which will even be personalized. To personalize you’ll need to add his/her image and therefore, the same is going to be printed on the cushion.

Personalized LED Bottle Lamp

Turn the giggles and laughter a touch brighter with these cutesy personalised lamps online for Boys. Gift it therefore, the baby can imagine itself sleeping under the open starry sky that will bring joy. Personalize with a photograph and name so that the Lil one will proudly call it his own.

Personalized Sipper Bottle

A new travel kid addition. This quirky sipper bottle is often personalized with a reputation. The right gift for the travel bug you recognize or perhaps you’ve got recently discovered the excursion within yourself. Cute logos on the white surface of this sipper bottle is certain to steal the glance of fellow travelers.

Lovely Teddy Bear

So mushy & cute-looking it is. This is often a sweet gift to supply your kid with to wish them a cheerful birthday. 17 inches by 11 inches is that dimension and 12 inches to 17 inches is the teddy bear’s size. It consists of smooth fur and an honest size.

Disney Insulated Tiffin set

The first day of the faculty is usually difficult for a toddler. Gift your young relatives in India with this fancy lunch box set to decorate up their first day at college and also, put a smile on their faces.

Personalized Gift Hampers

Pamper the Angels with Gift Hampers for teenagers. These personalised gifts hampers include varied items for teenagers such as school accessories, slam books, chocolates, soft toys, etc. Make the small bundles of joy feel special.

Polar Bear Mug with Spoon & Lid

Add a touch friend to your kid’s mug collection. Introducing Pastel Ice Beer Mug with Lid & Spoon. It is an adorable mug that will cheer your kid up once you awaken grumpily and appear forward to your morning coffee or to assist you bent click that perfect insta-worthy picture.

Harry Potter Stickers

Whether you read the books in class or watched the films recently, you’ve to like the paranormal land of Hogwarts. We have all got our favorites- whether it is eccentric Dumbledore, smart & brave Hermione, and/or the Boy who lived. This set of Harry Potter stickers is an adorable collection of all it’s lovable characters.

Wooden Panda LED Lamp

Panda Wooden LED Lamp may be a good way to illuminate your kid’s room and add a touch more personality to space. The lamp is straightforward to hold up with the inbuilt hook and can look good standing on a table too. The wireless lamp is often lighted up with 2 AA batteries. It’ll bring an excellent birthday online gift for her or him who loves all things cute & cuddly.

Doodle Cardboard Bluetooth Speaker

Feeling groovy? Get on with the vibe of some loud music through your kid’s new animal Doodle Bluetooth Speaker. Available in multiple color variants, it makes for an awesome gift for your music-loving kid! Buy one now.

Sea Lion Touch Sensor Lamp

What we bring back to you with this adorable Touch Sensor Lamp that is beyond words. This tiny one here, Mr. eared seal together with his cutest expressions calls bent you, he could spend time aside from your bedside table or illuminate your kid’s room together with his glow from within! It is made from BPA-free silicone and is soft and washable material. It’s a splendid lamp that responds to your touch and lights up in seven different colors! It might be the right gift for that friend who you forgot to wish a cheerful birthday!

Superhero Camera Key Chains

Take your kid’s superhero fandom to a subsequent level with so cool, Superhero Say Cheese! Key chains. It is available with us in 5 variants, these cuties promise that they will blow your kid’s mind away. Choose between Dependable – Iron Man, Spidey Sense – Spiderman, Broody Guy – Batman, Smash Boy – Hulk, & The Wall – Captain America! These cool key chains will not only keep all your keys together, but they will also accompany pretty funky embellishments.

To Wrap Up

As soon as you realize a replacement member is adding to your family, you’re overwhelmed. You run hatter scatter to organize an ideal setting for his/her arrival. Redesign your kid’s room, stock your stuff, not for yourself but, for the small one. You propose catering to all or any of their needs and giving them the simplest. Even after welcoming, you recognize the work’s not done yet. It now’s your responsibility to assist your child to grow.

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