swimming with whale sharks

Enjoy Swimming With Whale Sharks In Our Baja Whale Shark Tour La Paz

Choose between whale shark cruises in La Paz or snorkeling with sea lions and whale sharks while enjoying a delicious lunch in the picturesque Marina Palmira. This tour is for you if you’re a couple wishing to discover the natural beauty of the Sea of Cortez or a family wanting to offer your kids an experience they won’t soon forget. Come swim with the largest fish on Earth with us. On the guided tour, take advantage of the extra perk of swimming with whale sharks, with lively sea lions, and landing on a stunning, uninhabited beach for lunch.

Swimming Experience an unforgettable ALL-INCLUSIVE voyage on board a large and comfortable sailing catamaran, plus snorkel with some of the biggest species in the world! It is possible for us to swim alongside these rare but gentle giants thanks. To the whale shark’s ability to sift the surface water for minute plankton. Our whale shark trip is the Prestigious trip of its kind, and it involves a cruise that lasts roughly 4.5 to 5 hours.

It also includes delectable meals that have been cooked by a chef, a professional and trained crew. And generally a marine biologist as the snorkeling guide. We supply a power support yacht, bottled water, alcohol, drinks, an open bar, separate restrooms, fresh water showers. Freshly cleaned towels, all of the equipment, and reef-friendly sunblock as well. We are Not just a tour company that uses cattle cars. Definitely an adventure of a lifetime!

Private whale shark tour cabo

Fresh chicken and beef are also acquired every day, in addition to a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are cooked on board in a variety of different styles, along with a wide variety of side dishes. There is no additional cost for the use of the snorkeling equipment, flotation jackets. Dive boats, beach towels, layout beds, cushions, or pillows. It is against the law for us to interact with whale sharks while using our paddle boards, kayaks, or dive gear.

An accompanying tour boat will take tourists right up close with these enormous and spectacular creatures as soon as whale sharks are sighted. Swimming Ladders are used to get in and out of the water. Guests can expect their snorkel leader to jump into the water to first provide help if necessary. Whale shark encounters will be encouraged, but not compulsory, for all guests who wish to participate. As soon as you re-board the ship, you’ll be greeted by a fresh supply of clean towels, shampoo and soap.

After making a pit break at the fictitious Hotel California, which the Eagles made famous with their hit song title. The driver will then take you back to the place where you were originally picked up.

Lunch, which will include a variety of freshly prepared meals, will be provided following everyone’s encounter with the whale shark. In addition, there is an open bar, munchies, chips, chutneys, and guacamole available across the day. To travel to Marina Palmira, clients will join our exclusive ground transportation, climate and time allowing. From there, they will be driven back to Cabo San Lucas. 

So, to experience all this in-person, take up our private whale shark tour Cabo today!

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