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In many product reviews, the first few hours of use are covered unless otherwise stated, but it is important to return after a month or even after several months and provide updates on the product’s use. A product’s interference is sometimes only noticeable once it has been used for a while.

Many users of an espresso machine may not immediately notice major defects in it after initial use. Some users find the lack of low water warning very annoying after a week of use, and consider it a big negative about the machine. But reviewers or product review websites won’t realize that until the water tank is emptied for the first time without warning a week or so later.

Audience to target

If you are reviewing a product, describe who you feel is its target audience.

A manufacturer’s website, for instance, should indicate whether the machine is intended for home use or for industrial applications, like coffee shops. It is particularly important if a price is not listed or not readily accessible. Even though he described all the wonderful features of the machine, he neglected to mention that it is intended for frequent use in coffee shops. 

You don’t want a user with a $500 budget to love a $ 10,000 industrial espresso machine based on your review.

Depending on the budget, other products may be less obvious or their target audiences may change. The review of comparison models is especially useful for determining if the consumer wants the latest and greatest with updated features at a higher price point, or whether the lower budget model is ideal for consumers who do not want to spend more than a certain amount as long as the quality is acceptable. Reviewing your product, you may recommend the lowest version with the fewest bells and whistles.


Be sure to include all relevant specifications that are important to the user.

Is it your job to inspect sewing machines? What is the maximum stitch count? Are buttonholes possible? Does it have Bluetooth or wireless capabilities?

If you were to consider an Instant Pot, when would you consider it? Do you know its capabilities? Does it consume a lot of power?

Some users want to know some technical information about most products. You can demonstrate it. And your review can be a place where users can find information that’s difficult to locate on the manufacturer’s web page or in a downloaded document.

Stay away from the hype

It may sometimes be the case that you adore a product and can guess what another model or competitor’s version may be better than your current choice, but you should be careful not to hype the product to such an extent that your review appears biased. You should review the product objectively and honestly.

A product choice is okay, but sometimes it can seem suspicious to some users, who may believe that you are only trying to generate sales or approved commissions and not giving an honest opinion.

The last thing on a product is rarely perfect when it comes to super glowing product reviews. And a negative thing without a product review can be unreliable. Consider at least one or two downsides of a product. Even if they are relatively small in the grand scheme of things.

Take manufacturers marketing materials out of the equation when writing reviews. Users seeking high-quality product reviews do not want this kind of content. Probably it was the PR hype that made them look for reviews.

Last but not least, make sure all your reviews are unbiased and objective. If someone has a genuine reason to not buy a product based on your personal experience, that’s fine. Be sure to explain to the reader why this product is bad, not just say “this product is bad”. There are times when users find an honest and detailed negative review. Which allows them to make their own decisions after reading the review and considering how their experiences apply to them.

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