Guide to free ad supported streaming services

The word FAST  may have just crossed your lips. Free Commercial Streaming TV, or free TV channels sponsored by online advertising, is what it stands for. This essay will define a FAST track and outline the major market participants. The primary stages of launching a FAST channel on digital will also be covered. Last but not least, tell you why you should think about starting your FAST channels, whether you’re a media firm, a content generator, or even a manufacturer.

What does FAST stand for?

FASTs are free, linear streaming television services with advertising. These new channels may be developed from current on-demand video libraries, which are often structured as playlists of material or programming grids. Free ad supported streaming services tracks often have a theme and feature specialized material, such as western movies, history, science, fishing, or classic film.

The two primary categories of FAST channels are:

Niche channels

Frequently, the publishers of these channels are the media and catalogue owners. Like the theme channels available on cable and satellite bundles, they provide a wide range of topic content.

Branded media

Companies and companies are the ones that publish these channels, which often include information about their beliefs, principles, or goods. Additionally, they air premium material for which they hold the rights.  The online advertising industry might reach $25 billion by 2025 because of investments made by media behemoths to acquire well-liked businesses. These are essential indicators that FAST streams are the direction linear TV is going. The following are the top reasons you need to think about launching a FAST channel:

  • Make the most of your content library by using FAST channels.

If you have a library of content, you may stream it via a linear TV channel. Instead of allowing your items to sleep on a website or hard drive, doing this will enable you to value them. You’ll be able to do this while respecting the rights of your creators and promoting or showcasing audio-visual creations.

  •  Boost or diversify your video’s revenue sources

FAST channels are a method to monetize your content with ads and make money. You may diversify your income streams by implementing new revenue models or raising the number of ad impressions, regardless of whether you currently have a social media page or an OTT platform. With a FAST channel, you may expand your audience and increase the number of people who see your videos.

  •  Promote your content on FAST channels

You may distribute your material using FAST channels. As these services already have hundreds of billions of subscribers, launching a TV channel that you distribute, for instance, on Samsung+ or Pluto, would instantly boost the number of individuals who come into touch with your films.

  • FAST networks are a fantastic marketing tool for engagement and promotion

Additionally, FAST channels may serve as a loss leader for your other goods and services. Providing a free linear channel, for instance, may help you promote and connect with your content. Which can lead to subscriptions, provided you already use a platform that offers VOD content or a subscription streaming app. If your business sells goods or services, providing high-quality content will help you sell more of them.

With the all-in-one solution, you can develop FAST 24X7 channel, monetize them, and transmit them on your platform if you are a media distributor or producer considering starting your FAST track.

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