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The Best Way To High End Sales

If you want to increase your value in the market and revenue from individual clients, high ticket sales are the way to go. The 6A framework from Mike Killen can be applied to your high ticket sales funnel. This framework helps you increase your value in the market and ensure that your high ticket sales close successfully.

Creating a relationship-focused high-ticket sales funnel

Creating a relationship-focused high ticket sales funnel starts with understanding who you are and what your ideal clients are looking for. It is crucial to know what results you offer your clients and why those results are important. Then, you can focus on building an effective relationship with these clients in order to deliver exponential results. Creating a relationship-focused high-ticket sales funnel is a crucial step in building your business.

Creating a relationship-focused high-Ticket sales funnel for coaching clients starts with creating an irresistible offer. Whether it’s an eBook or an email marketing program, make sure your offer is valuable and priced right. Next, create a landing page to convert website visitors into leads. You should include a strong call-to-action to encourage visitors to fill out your form.

Creating a high-ticket offer

Creating a high-ticket offer for your product or service is critical if you want to generate high-ticket sales. The goal of creating a high-ticket offer is to provide the best possible experience for a paying client. In a high-ticket market, the customer’s needs can be extremely diverse, which means it’s important to consider their particular preferences.

Creating a high-ticket offer requires a lot of planning and strategy. You’ll have to create a funnel that will take your customer through a series of steps until they’ve made a decision to buy. A high-ticket sales funnel is similar to a traditional sales funnel, but it can be much more focused on a particular product or service.

Asking for the price of your product

Publishing the price of your high ticket item should become the norm. Consumers have a right to know the price, and hiding it can frustrate and slow down the purchasing journey. A more transparent pricing policy helps to build trust and credibility with prospects. It also helps you qualify leads faster.

High ticket items require a substantial budget from the buyer. Since these products aren’t impulse purchases, they don’t lead to “buyer’s remorse.” They also have a much higher profit margin than low ticket items. However, a low price may turn away potential buyers.

Closing a deal in DMs

High ticket sales require a higher level of effort and follow-ups. Unlike low-ticket sales, where you focus on providing benefits and information about the product, high-ticket sales require you to cultivate your relationship with your leads. This means that it’s important to follow-up several times in a row, ideally every few days. After all, you don’t want to be irritated by someone you’re trying to close a deal with.

In order to successfully close a high ticket sale, you must first present a compelling proposal. You must also be able to answer your client’s pain points and create a desire for your product. You can do this through your consultation call. Try asking open-ended questions to uncover problems in your client’s life.

Building rapport with high-ticket clients

One of the most effective ways to sell tickets is by building rapport with high-ticket clients. This can be done by asking a series of questions about your clients and their needs. This will give you a better understanding of their needs and how to best meet them.

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