How Do You Treat Dermatographia Naturally?

How Do You Treat Dermatographia Naturally?

The skin condition Dermatographia is better known as dermatographic or dermographism urticaria. Here, significant scratches tend to irritate your skin; however, they can heal quickly. The scratches of this skin condition are either white or slightly reddish in colour. Nevertheless, the scratches can worsen, thereby inflicting allergy-like reactions or typically deep wounds.

Most often, the condition of Dermatographia can easily be treated with antihistamines. This basically helps in reducing itchiness and overall condition. You should know that there is no cure for this condition since the symptoms don’t last long. However, certain rare cases demand in-depth medical treatment from specialists.

What are the Causes of Dermatographia?

What exactly causes Dermatographia is still unknown. However, this skin condition is thought to be triggered by various other things, including:

  • Allergies
  • Stress
  • Infections
  • Rubbing from any rough clothing or bedding
  • Particular medications like penicillin
  • Exercises that inflict excessive rubbing of the skin, including wrestling, etc.

Even though the causes are still unknown, certain suspected risk factors are associated with Dermatographia. So people are likely to be at an increased risk if they have the following conditions:

  • History of dermatitis
  • Has dry skin
  • Is a young adult
  • Is diagnosed with thyroid
  • Experiences frequent scratches on the skin
  • It is diagnosed with an internal illness or nerve disorder that promotes itchy skin.

You should note that children are susceptible to dermatitis. However, young adults and teens are very likely to develop this condition of Dermatographia.

What are the Most Natural Treatments for Dermatographia?

This skin condition can cause either cure on its own or can readily be treated with certain home remedies. However, if Dermatographia becomes chronic, you may have to obtain medical treatment.

Little or regular symptoms can be easily treated with some over-the-counter medications. Nevertheless, there are certain alternative remedies that are also likely to help. Also, don’t opt for any new medications, supplements, or herbs, without consulting with your healthcare provider first.

There are certain natural remedies for skin writing, such as:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Oatmeal
  • Broth of rice bran
  • Aloe vera gel

When these natural products are applied directly to the skin, they provide the most promising results.

Conventional Treatments for Dermatographia

You will find a few over-the-counter medications that efficiently help treat this skin condition’s symptoms. Some of the most effective medications for treating and curing Dermatographia include cetirizine and diphenhydramine. You should remember that consuming these medications can actually induce drowsiness.

Dermatographia – How to Prevent it?

It’s true that Dermatographia induces incomparable discomfort. However, there are certain negative reactions that are very likely to prevent this skin condition. Patients who are experiencing this irritable skin condition can adhere to these significant lifestyle changes. Some of the preventive measures that you can readily undertake are:

  • Try using soaps that come without fragrance
  • You must keep away from itchy bedding and clothes
  • Consider using a humidifier during the cool and dry months
  • If possible, take lukewarm showers across all seasons
  • Always avoid scratching your skin as much as possible
  • To acquire the best results, it’s better to moisturise your skin regularly
  • You can manage your stress with regular exercise, sleep, meditation, etc.

When you follow these above-mentioned pointers, you can easily prevent this skin condition.

To Conclude

While the symptoms of Dermatographia generally go away on their own, no significant treatment is necessary. But if the condition becomes severe and starts bothering you, get in touch with your healthcare provider. They are very likely to recommend some antihistamine medications that are likely to drive away the condition of skin writing.

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