How to Choose the Right Page Builder for Your WordPress Website?

You have to consider aspects like compatibility, cost, and features to choose the best page builder. Check out this blog to know more.

WordPress has made it affordable and manageable for both businesses and individuals in creating websites. Clunky coding-based websites can be quite a hassle if you are not tech savvy or someone with a computer major. WordPress enables you to create and manage websites on the go.

Page builders work wonders in creating professional and appealing WordPress sites. More importantly, you can get good page load speeds. A fast web hosting paired with a good site builder can get you the kind of speeds that make Spectrum Package prices worth it. It is crucial to pick the right page builder for quick and functional websites.

This blog will help see what to look for in a good WordPress page builder.

Why Select a Page Builder?

WordPress has its default page builder by the name of Block editor or WordPress editor. So, a question for a lot of new users may arise why look for another page builder? The answer is simple the default page builder has limited functionality and features. So, you don’t get full design freedom to design an appealing user interface. Besides the general appeal, you may not be able to add your desired features like CTA buttons. Lastly, it feels old and is difficult to use.

Because of all these reasons, people looking for no-code websites prefer third-party page builders. Such page builders are not only easier to use but also offer an extended range of functionality and features.

Create a Plan of Action

When you are designing a WordPress website on your own, you can either design a site from the start or tweak a theme. Both are viable options. However, it is important to choose a suitable site builder in both cases, especially for tweaking themes.

WordPress themes you will find on the internet are often designed with a page builder. Tweaking such a theme with another site builder may affect the coding at the backend. Thus, the functionality of your site may get affected. Therefore, it is better to customize a theme with the same page builder. Doing this will keep your pages functional and keep them from crashing. Check the about section of a theme to see what page builder was used in creating it. Then opt for the same page builder.

When building a new theme from scratch, you don’t have such limitations. However, it is best to select a popular site builder. It is because you can find more tutorials and guides for help in designing your sites. This ultimately makes learning those site builders much easier for you.

Choose Features

Most page builders come with the same set of customization options. For example, you can add blurbs, add text, and more. But with WordPress sites, you can also have options like custom quotation forms, call-to-action buttons, and other advanced features. Such features may not be present on all page builders.

You can enlist all the features you want. Screenshots of a competitor’s website along with your special requirements may serve the purpose. This way, you will know what features you need beforehand. Based on the notes, you can search for a page builder that fits your requirements.

You may also consider taking suggestions from someone with experience in developing websites. Tell them about the features you would prefer to have and ask for their suggestions. Such advice may help you in finding easy ways around some functionalities and personal insights about page builders.

Budget for Page Builder

When you are choosing a page builder, you will come across free, premium, and freemium options. If your hosting platform has its site builder, you may get its free subscription. These site builders generally have all the usual features. Yet, most of them are not very mainstream. So, you may not find libraries of content resources to learn how to use them. Generally, the knowledge base sections of the websites of these web hosting platforms have a step-by-step guide. As for the features of these site builders, they may appear very limiting.

Premium site builders usually carry the most features and options. You may get complete control of options for personalizations and everything you desire in a site builder. But the only problem with them is the high cost. But if you have the budget, one of such drag-and-drop page builders may be worth it.

Lastly, there are freemium options. Popular WordPress page builders often work with a freemium model. With this model, you can get the standard features for free and premium ones by paying a small premium fee. One of these options may be a more cost-effective choice.


Taking a similar approach to this blog can help you choose the best WordPress page builder for you. You will be able to find a suitable option with the right functionality without hurting the bank.

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