How to Increase the Multiplier in Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular cellular endless runners, if not the most popular one which exists. The free recreation from Sybo Games has attracted hundreds of thousands of players at some point in the last decade Apk Buns.

It’s been on the market—a large community that tirelessly seeks new ways to get the very best score viable.

To attain that purpose, it’s essential to recognize what the multiplier is and how to grow it. Luckily for you, we’re here these days to give an explanation for the entirety you want to understand about this important element of the sport.

What is the multiplier in Subway Surfers?

If you look at the pinnacle right corner inside the fundamental menu of Subway Surfers you’ll see a golden famous person with quite a number subsequent to it.

This is the multiplier: an indicator that, as its name shows, multiplies the rating you get in every race. In the beginning, you’ll start out with the handiest x1, but as you develop entire missions, you’ll be capable of growing it.

Currently, most are x30, although using extra items may attain up to x94, which is actually useful for reaching a high score.

Monster Board

The monster board needs to occupy the top spot. It has 3 different appearances, the primary of that being an easy board with indignant eyes on top Apk Buns, twin exhausts facing backward, and a monster-green tint.

Apk Buns

The “accelerate” assist, which presents the monster board with a more reducing facet look with the exhaust strolling up the sides and adapting to the perimeters, can, however, make the beast board appreciably extra horrendous.

The 2nd type has an extra unremarkable outdoors with the trademark monster inexperienced shade and minimal exhaust.

How to grow the multiplier in Subway Surfers

There are some special approaches to boom the multiplier in Subway Surfers, which include some not absolutely valid strategies that trick the sport by way of editing its code to increase this indicator artificially.

We’re now not going to provide an explanation for the methods to enhance the multiplier here, but we are going to give an explanation for the way to get a leg up in the game, by using gambling fair and square.

Here are five strategies to increase the Subway Surfers multiplier:

  • Complete project units: sets 1 to 30 allow you to increase your multiplier by using finishing certain missions, together with accumulating cash or jumping over a positive variety of trains in an unmarried race.
  • Use a “2x Multiplier”: this is an object that briefly will increase your multiplier for 12 seconds.
  • Get a “Super Mysterizer”: this object (a purple query mark) appears randomly and handiest for the duration of the “Mystery Monday” occasion. If you manage to get it, your multiplier will increase via 10 levels for a constrained time, among other blessings.
  • Play “Special Thursdays”: at some stage in this occasion you’ll get 5 extra multiplier points until the quit of the race.
  • Use a “Score Booster”: that is a unique energy that can be used at the beginning of the race to grow the Subway Surfers multiplier with the aid of five points till the cease of the race.

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