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Jane App EHR Improve Your Workflow

Whether you’re a large or small clinic, or a medical office, Jane App EHR has an easy-to-use platform that will improve your workflow and efficiency. Using the Juvonno app, you’ll be able to create patient appointments, text with your patients 1-on-1, and manage your invoicing and schedule. You’ll also be able to customize your shopping experience and accept payments from your patients.


Using Jane App EHR, you can easily manage your appointment schedule. It also streamlines your charting process. You can even set reminders for patients. It’s also PIPEDA-compliant, meaning you can schedule telehealth sessions with your patients. You can also bill insurance companies with Jane.

The main part of your schedule will show you the current day and week, as well as appointments for your chosen practitioner. It also shows you the time and duration of your selected practitioner’s shift. To toggle the practitioner in your schedule, hover over the practitioner’s name. You can also change your practitioner’s shift by clicking on the block that says “Shifts”.

The Schedule tab is your best bet for viewing your practitioner’s schedule. It shows you the practitioner’s name and photos next to their names. It also lists the treatments they offer.


Whether you are new to charting or have been using Jane App EHR for years, you’ll find Jane’s Electronic Charting a fast and easy way to maintain patient records. Jane has a library of templates you can use to help you build your charting. With these templates, you can quickly and easily create shortcuts for commonly used assessments, medications, and symptoms. This will reduce your time and streamline your charting process.

Jane allows you to create and share templates. These templates can be edited and customized to make them more useful. You can add or delete options, and modify the order of the information. This can be done in the system preferences.


Whether you’re looking to make your life easier or simply improve your efficiency, Jane App EHR will help you streamline your workflow. It offers a host of features that include scheduling, charting, billing, and even documenting medical conditions. The app allows you to create your own chart templates and integrates audiovisual content and handwritten notes. It’s a great tool for streamlined charting and telehealth sessions.

You can use Jane’s scheduling feature to create an easy to follow schedule for your staff. Once you’ve scheduled your patients, you can generate invoices for them with just a few clicks.

You can also send an email to your patients with an attached invoice. This can be done by clicking the Email button located in the appointment details section.

Payments accepted

Using Jane App EHR is a great way to streamline your billing process. You’ll be able to accept payments easily and quickly. There’s also an online manual and a library of training videos to help you get started.

Jane is a cloud-based practice management software that makes it easy to manage your business. You can book appointments, accept payments, and track third-party billing. You can even add video and photos to your patient charts.

Jane is one of the best designed clinic software programs on the market. It’s simple to use and works on a computer or a tablet. It also allows you to chart privately. You can chart and store patient files with Jane, too. The system is HIPAA-compliant, which means you can store and process patient health information in a secure manner.

Text with patients 1-on-1 right from Juvonno

Using Juvonno, you can create and send out a text with patients one on one right from the EHR. The software is compatible with over 16 integrations, such as Doxy and Physiotec, and integrates with the EHR to give you the ability to manage your patients’ records and send them text messages. You can also send out reminders to patients about their insurance claims, AR balances, and upcoming appointments. Juvonno is also HIPAA and PCI compliant, making it a good fit for health and wellness professionals looking to streamline their operations.

Juvonno is a good choice for any practice, big or small. Its suite of features makes it a worthwhile investment, particularly if you’re a multi-disciplinary practice.

Personalized shopping experience

Whether you’re looking to make your next purchase or you just want to snoop around, the Jane App EHR is the way to go. It offers the best in class curated shopping experience. You can also make use of the Cloud, the Jane app’s data center of excellence. The company is also a cannabis industry leader. A recent study showed that mobile commerce accounts for over half of all e-commerce purchases. A surprisingly large percentage of consumers have made a purchase online. A quick scan of the Jane app’s catalogue revealed that the app is a well rounded package. It’s no wonder the app is a top dog in its own right.

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