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Migration from Slack to Microsoft Teams

In recent years, more and more companies have switched from Slack to Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Development Services. We’ve contributed to hundreds of migrations of varying size and complexity using our in-house migration tools. Sometimes, however, we are faced with migrations that are slightly more specialized than the others. Read on to find out how we approached our first migration (migration as a service) from Slack to Microsoft Teams.

The problem

One of our recent projects involved a customer who wanted to migrate conversations from private channels from Slack to Microsoft Teams. Nothing simpler, right? Although the majority of our customers prefer to export conversations in Slack channels as HMTL files, this format did not quite fit the customer’s usage requirements.

We generally recommend the HTML format because it preserves. Both the look and feel of the original conversations and gives an accurate picture of the chat history. Which is more convenient for verification purposes. However, the client did not like this method because each conversation. Had to be clicked as an individual link and opened separately. He therefore contacted us to find out if there was another solution.

The solution

Changing the file type as usual wouldn’t have been a problem, but the Slack API suddenly changed the way to authenticate and retrieve private channels. This upset our original plan and forced us to be nimble and quickly look for another solution.

Microsoft partners for many years , we called on them hoping to find a way around the problem.

By working hand-in-hand with Microsoft and our internal developers. We were able to carefully modify the code of our migration solution to customize. The display of channel conversations for client end users. Specifically, we used service accounts to show the authors. Of messages so that users can later view conversations, their content and who wrote them.

The results

The fact that Slack changed its API ended up being just a minor project-wide issue. We developed this custom solution in just under two days and delivered it to our client two weeks later. The latter was delighted with the speed of delivery but also with being able to access his content in a way that suited him.

This was the first time we had done a Microsoft Teams “migration as a service” of this type for a customer. Our client decided to make AvePoint their Office 365 migration partner. Following the positive feedback we received, we have already started working on other tailor-made migration solutions for even larger clients. Having trouble migrating to Microsoft Teams?

Some of the new features:

  • Support for SharePoint 2019
  • User experience improvements
  • Advanced dashboards to monitor slowdowns and performance
  • Ability to configure a migration database to access detailed project information
  • Other features to suspend, restart or relaunch only failed instances, and many other options.

Understand Office 365 Groups

Microsoft Teams and Yammer are built on top of Office 365 Groups with Microsoft Development Services. By creating a Teams team (a “Team”) or a Yammer group, you create an Office 365 group (a “Group”) whose members you define. Each of these Groups is assigned a number of workspaces in other Office 365 applications with . Will it or not, you will be given a plan in Planner and a site in SharePoint (where your files will be saved).

That’s a good thing, since you’ll probably end up needing these apps to get your work done. But it’s also important to note that unlike Outlook Groups (which can be easily “transformed” into Microsoft Teams if needed), when switching from Yammer to Teams, all files , plans, videos, and other items remain stuck in the old Office 365 Group.

So if you’ve been using Yammer for a few months exchanging files, photos, videos, tasks, etc., you can’t just “switch” to Teams. You will need a migration tool to move everything. The rule is the same if you use Teams and then decide to switch to Yammer: we wish you lots of fun!

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