Rize Azzly EMR Software Features And Its Benefits

Choosing the best EMR software for your hospital will save you a lot of time and money. There are several options available out there. But how does Rize Azzly EMR software stand out from the rest? Here are some of its key features and benefits.

Case Management

AZZLY Rize is a cloud-based solution designed for behavioral health providers. It provides a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) with features for treatment planning, practice management, billing and other administrative tasks. It is also a great tool for improving patient outcomes.

When you use AZZLY Rize, you will find that it is a highly scalable and customizable solution. Its main goal is to help behavioral health providers streamline their office operations and improve patient outcomes. The application provides practice management tools, such as scheduling, billing, and payment processing. It also offers outcome measurement tools, such as patient progress notes.

AZZLY Rize is a great tool for behavioral health providers because it streamlines office management and electronic health records. It also includes medication management, practice management tools, and practice collaboration features. It is also highly customizable, making it easy to use.

The company offers training in-house and in the field. It also has experience working with both for-profit and non-profit organizations. AZZLY Rize has an annual revenue of $4.4 million. It has 30 employees. It uses the latest web-based technology.

Behavioral health case management is a specialty that involves skilled caseworkers who spend most of their time thinking of ways to help patients deal with their mental health problems. These workers keep track of the client’s schedule, contacts, and billing information. They also have to think of ways to make the patients’ journey through mental health more efficient. The software helps to keep track of these details, while also keeping them safe and secure.

Medical specialists have a lot of patients to take care of. It is hard to keep track of all the cases. When you use a case management software, you can save time and money, as well as eliminate the risk of making copies or storing proof. The software also helps you analyze your patient data for compliance reports.

When you use AZZLY Rize, you can see the entire patient journey in one eChart. It also allows you to create and use custom forms and documents. It also helps you automate tasks, such as capturing proof of insurance and automatically sending forms to the patient for signature.

Electronic Health Record

AZZLY Rize is the next generation of AZZLY’s comprehensive behavioral health software. Streamlines your medical records and provides one-click access to analytics and reports. Connects intake, clinical, and billing teams in one application. Designed to facilitate staff collaboration and improve patient outcomes. Integrates medical records, insurance, DSM-5 diagnostic codes, electronic prescribing, and medication management. It is Joint Commission compliant and uses web-based technology.

AZZLY Rize’s intuitive interface allows users to manage their practice operations and collaborate with other clinicians. Has patient communication tools, e-check-in, patient scheduling, appointment reminders, and client appointment alerts. Provides one eChart that displays the patient journey. Also integrates medical records, ICD-10 diagnostic codes, and clinical and administrative functions. It is Joint Commission compliant and provides onsite training. It is designed for behavioral health clinics and community health centers.

AZZLY Rize is an all-in-one addiction treatment EHR that includes clinical and administrative features, electronic check-in, medication management, and financial administration. It is designed for small and mid-sized clinics in the United States. Can be hosted on-premises or in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Support complex integrations using HL7/AP. Has a high customer retention rate and is used by 1250+ centers in 22 countries. This is Joint Commission compliant and can be used by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and addiction counselors.

AZZLY Rize is a scalable solution that streamlines medical processes and enhances patient outcomes. This can be customized to fit the needs of individual users. Has an affordable price. It is Joint Commission compliant and includes features such as treatment plans, e-prescribing, and revenue cycle management.

AZZLY Rize is designed to improve patient outcomes while enhancing staff collaboration and business efficiency. It offers one eChart that displays the patient journey, one screen for administrative tasks, and one-click access to analytics and reports. It provides a full-featured electronic health record, including ICD-10 diagnostic codes, financial management, electronic check-in, patient scheduling, appointment reminders, and client appointment alerts.

AZZLY Rize’s integration of clinical and administrative features allows providers to spend more time with patients and less time managing their office. Its customizable settings and workflows save time and increase efficiency.

Revenue Cycle Management

AZZLY Rize is a comprehensive behavioral healthcare EMR with a lot to offer. It integrates clinical, administrative, and financial functions into one application like healthland EHR. It uses the latest web-based technology to increase efficiency and reduce costs. This software is ideal for small and medium-sized treatment centers. AZZLY Rize is Joint Commission compliant and features a full set of integrated functionalities. It also has a high first-time pass rate.

There are three different packages to choose from. It includes basic EHR functions like electronic check-in and scheduling. AZZLY also offers on-site training and online support during business hours.

The AZZLY Rize Pro Package offers a more robust suite of clinical and administrative features, including Patient Engagement, Population Management, and Revenue Cycle Management. In addition, it is also highly configurable to the program’s needs. AZZLY also offers onsite training for those interested in a hands-on approach.

The Rize Azzly EMR software is ideal for SMBs with up to 100 employees. Its features include a comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR), Revenue Cycle Management, clinical management, and patient engagement features. It also comes with an integrated medication management system and electronic prescriptions. The software has a built-in alert system for reminders to complete tasks, as well as reports and a streamlined workflow.

The Azzly Rize EMR software is a great choice for organizations looking to improve patient outcomes, reduce administrative overhead, and simplify business processes. Its one-screen interface and integrated functionalities will improve productivity and ensure quick reimbursement. The Rize Azzly EMR software also comes with an online price quote system to determine your organization’s needs and requirements. It has a lot to offer and its product is the clear winner in the Behavioral Healthcare EMR category. This is a long-standing vendor of EMR software and offers expert support, onsite training, and one-on-one consulting. AZZLY has an excellent reputation in the behavioral health arena and is a preferred partner for many treatment centers.


Integrates medical records, insurance, and patient communication tools. Also has revenue cycle management (RCM) and outcome measurement tools. Joint Commission compliant. Offers three monthly subscription packages, a basic package, a premium package, and an enterprise package. Designed to help improve patient outcomes, enhance collaboration, and streamline the electronic health record. It offers training, in-house and on-site, as well as online support during business hours.

The company has over 30 employees, with annual revenue of $4.4 million. It has experience working with both for-profit and non-profit organizations. The company’s director of revenue cycle management, Joyce Wagner, discusses AZZLY’s unique capabilities. Can help treatment providers control their revenue cycle by automating and streamlining the insurance claims process, as well as providing a variety of RCM services. It is Joint Commission compliant. Designed to serve small, medium, and large organizations.

The software has several features, including appointment reminders, patient communication tools, client scheduling, electronic check-in, and electronic prescribing. Also has an integrated electronic health record, which streamlines office management and provides an easy way to manage medical records and patient engagement. Accessed from any computer, with one screen for all analytics. The company offers training, in-house and on-site, to help users get up and running quickly. AZZLY also offers analysis calls, which provide guidance on how to get the most out of the software.

If you have a large, complex addiction treatment practice, you might want to look at AZZLY Rize. Its features include clinical management, treatment planning, scheduling, practice management, data migration, medication management, and financial administration. It also includes e-check-in, which provides secure, real-time access to patient records. It is also designed to help improve patient engagement, which is crucial in addiction treatment.


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