Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): A Primer

An SSDI wait period begins the first day of disability, and continues until the claimant has exhausted all appeals or reached full retirement age (currently, this is at age 67), whichever comes first. This can be a very long wait time without financial support. If you have questions regarding this process, reach out to a Social Security lawyer today.

Claim is Denied

When a claim is denied by the Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) at their initial review, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has denied your entitlement to SSDI or SSI benefits. You can still continue to pursue these benefits because your case is not over yet. You can either pursue an appeal with the Appeals Council or you can file a new disability claim if in fact, you are limited in terms of work activities and still need the disability benefits for support.

SSDI Claim Law

SSDI Claim Law Fort Lauderdale only covers disabilities that result in complications that prevent a person from performing any job, regardless of their profession, status, or work history. While the program can provide benefits to those who qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance, the steps involved with applying are not always straightforward. Request for Hearing based on error or law misunderstood involves a new determination by the Appeals Council that there was no error or misunderstanding. The Council’s ability to correct an Administrative Law Judge’s legal misunderstanding or incorrect application of the law is extremely limited.

SSD Claims Process

The Social Security Disability program (SSD) designed to provide support for individuals. Who unable to work due to a medical condition. While the majority of these claims approved, some are denied. In many cases, SSD claimants will appeal an unfavorable decision. There is an administrative review process available to claimants following a denied claim. Many of these appeals reach the Appeals Council. This article reviews how an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) makes decisions. And other important information related to ALJ’s and Appeals Councils in the SSD claims process.

Qualified Disability attorney

If you have been denied SSDI or wish to file an appeal, consult with a qualified disability attorney in your area. A trained professional is essential to handling the complex issues that arise. If you are to find the best option for your individual situation. In general, individuals with disabilities entitled up to $1,000 per month. From their date of entitlement via SSDI Claim Law Fort Lauderdale. There are several types of payment methods, but all SSDI appeals will include a check to pay. For the lost wages and retroactive pay. Therefore, it is vital to consult a disability lawyer for the full details and all available options before filing an appeal.


It strongly recommended that you speak to a Social Security Disability attorney. About your specific situation before filing a new claim or appeal. The consequences of a poorly filed application are potentially dire and not worth taking any chances on. Note: the difference in back-pay is not an issue if you have jury trial potential. If you choose this option, the back-pay amount will deducted from your total award.

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