Top 4 Tips To Ace Your Data Scientist Interview

Top 4 Tips To Ace Your Data Scientist Interview

When your cover letter and resume impress your employer, you might receive an invitation to interview. The idea of meeting the recruiter is nerve wrecking, more in the case of a data scientist since data science interviews are quite different. You will have to answer those baffling questions satisfactorily and reasonably.

Interviews can be overwhelming

If you are a candidate seeking to apply for a data scientist post, for instance, you should be aware that the employer will ask questions involving coding and algorithmic computing. These are the most important questions for which you must be well-prepared. It becomes vital for you to demonstrate subject knowledge, engineering skills, communication skills, and understanding of the position and firm to advance through numerous rounds of interviews. You must understand the value you add to the firm and the hiring manager’s expectations.

All this can be quite overwhelming for freshers. To solve this issue, we have curated vital tips for you to ace your data scientist interview.

Tip 1: Review the company profile and job description carefully

The most typical mistake made by applicants is forgetting about the details of the job description and the company’s mission. The hiring manager will spot these errors in a matter of a second and by then, he or she will have made up his or her mind to reject you. Why? Because they believe you aren’t committed to the task.

If you applied for a job through LinkedIn or another recruitment network, always go back and do some research on the firm and the job description. Read the job description, daily tasks, and what the company expects of you. Make that you are familiar with the organization’s mission and working environment. Look for the most recent projects on the official website.

This knowledge will assist you in impressing the interviewer, which is, to be honest, your primary goal.

  • “Why are you the right individual for this job?”
  • “What do you know about our company?”

These are two of the most typical questions posed by recruiters. If you fail to prepare for the interview, you are for sure getting trapped answering these questions, which will reflect poorly on your resume.

Tip 2: Practice coding questions

What are data science coding questions? These are the questions that must be answered by coding in any programming language. If you are seeking a data scientist job, you will need to pass the coding interview.

Interviewers are keen to check your coding skills because:

  • Data science is a technical area that entails gathering, cleaning, and processing data into usable formats. As a result, the coding questions assess not only your technical abilities but also your line of thinking and approach to breaking down complex problems into simpler answers.
  • These questions also assess whether you tackle real-world situations rationally. There are several answers to a single problem, but the goal is to select the one that is the most efficient in terms of execution time and storage. As a result, you must be able to find the best solution to any real-world problem.

How to ace coding?

  • Apart from your degree, make sure that you have checked on some best data scientist certifications. It is vital to earn a credential as it will demonstrate your coding and programming ability to potential employers opening doors to your data scientist career.
  • Arrange a mock interview with your peers to help you express your concepts more effectively. If you are unable to do so, you can practice in front of a mirror or hold a session with yourself. You can also make a list of the important points you’ll make throughout the interview.

Tip 3: Practice behavioral questions

You would have heard employers say that skills can be taught, but attitudes and behaviors are difficult to change and ultimately are the responsibility of each person. The idea behind asking behavior-related questions is to help you better understand how you would react in various professional scenarios and how you solve difficulties to get a positive conclusion.

Some vital questions that you might face in a data scientist interview are:

  • Give an example of a team conflict to illustrate your point.
  • Describe a controversial decision you made.
  • Explain scenarios where you have collaborated with others.
  • What data have you used to improve the customer experience?

These situations may not just be at your workplace, they may have happened during your college workshops or while training and earning data science certifications. It is recommended to start with a STAR framework:

  • S- Situation
  • T- Task
  • Analysis
  • R- Result

So, first, get four to five stories ready to go, and then practice applying them using the STAR technique for effectively answering behavioral questions in a data science interview.

Tip 4: Revise data science terms

You’ve been studying for your data scientist interview for a few days, but the daunting procedure has caused you to forget key concepts like ‘machine learning,’ ‘bag of words,’ and ‘stochastic gradient descent’ during the interview. Because the interviewer expects you to know these terms, the situation can become embarrassing for you. To avoid such scenarios you can start using cheat sheets to review the technical terms. Preparing ahead of time also will help you feel more secure when it came to answering programming-related questions.

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