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Wenxuechen is a Chinese-language Internet web website online geared toward the foreign places. App the movie: Chinese immigrant community, especially in Canada and the United States.

This net website online serves information, artwork and entertainment. Apart from presenting Chinese language data, it’s also a information supply.

Su Xing’s eyes regarded from an difficult to understand Wenxuechen

Born in March 1956, Su Xing is a writer, cultural student. And nonpartisan documentary filmmaker from Beijing. At an early age, Su Xing moved to Zidane County.

The in northern Shaanxi Province to observe and write. In 1977, he joined the Navy and served in the twenty first Corps of the Lanzhou Military Region.

After demobilization from the navy, Su Xing lower back to Beijing and commenced writing inside six months.

Xu Xing’s art work had been exhibited everywhere in the world. In France it has obtained the “Best Documentary” and “Best Artist” awards.

He has obtained numerous awards from the Order of Arts and Literature and the French Ministry of Culture. In Taiwan, she or he has additionally been featured in Titania magazine.

She has been featured in crime fiction posted the usage of French magazine Le Monde.

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Su Pingsheng’s arm become protected with cotton.
Xu Pingtung took the blouse off his body and rolled up his pants. Under his cloak he saved a bowl of fish food.

A acquainted woman’s voice reached his ears. Su Pingtung were trapped within side the tree for decades and long to loose himself.

Every time he closes his eyes, he need to agree with in an excellent face.

Xu Xingzhi’s “proper hand” slipped out of his sleeve.

Xu Xingzhi grew to become to doing matters due to the fact they had been desire for him. He had visible ghost hearthplace circling round him.

However nonetheless the ghost become not able to decide the supply of the hearthplace. This made her suspect that the Ghost King become deciding.

On a son-in-regulation or a husband. Fortunately, the ghost hearthplace wasn’t real.


When Xu Xingzhi become walking, Tao Xian become keeping his left hand and going through Xu Xingzhi. As the 2 boys approached.

Su Xingzi gritted his tooth and twisted his proper wrist violently. His “right hand” slipped out of his sleeve, and Tao Xian iced up and shrank in the direction of the stone wall.

Xu Xingzhi become struck through a sense of sadness. Although she failed to realize the precise reason, she guessed that her former grasp had deep emotions for her.

He went to the bed dejectedly. The subsequent morning, Meng Zhongruan lightly pulled Su Xingzhi near his fingers and stretched out his arms on his chest.

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