What is Black Sesame Oil? – Benefits Of Infant Massage 

Have you ever known about black sesame oil and its use? If you are the parents of a newborn, you must know why you need to use sesame oil for children.

Generally, sesame oil is a vegetable oil used in cooking. But for centuries, sesame oil has been considered a baby massage oil. Massage is the best in the initial stage of infant development which is essential for better mental & emotional development. 

Medical studies have shown that infant massage is essential because. At that time, a newborn’s skin barrier is not fully developed. Making their skin vulnerable to getting dry or reacting to a substance you might apply during the massage. 

Why is Black Sesame Oil Used for Baby Massage?

For centuries, mothers have believed in Ayurveda products for their little souls. Still, in many homes, it’s a tradition to give a baby a daily massage to foster your child in the best way possible. 

You can buy sesame baby massage oil as massaging can reduce crying and fussiness, help them sleep more peacefully, and alleviate common wail-inducers like constipation and colic. 

Giving your infant a regular massage with cold-pressed black sesame oil is good for emotional well-being too. Sesame seeds are rich in omega – 6 fatty acid, which helps improve blood flow, thereby making it healthier. oil for baby hair adds a touch of moisture and improves the quality. 

Sesame oil is easily absorbed and has a lovely texture high in vitamins A, B, E, and minerals compared to other oils. 

How does Sesame Oil Prevent Skin Problems? 

As you know, sesame oil contains Vitamin E, which can help protect skin cells from damage caused by the environment and dryness. Sesame oil makes your baby’s skin soft and moisturized at the same time while preventing rashes and keeping dryness at bay. 

Benefits of Using Sesame Oil

Not only is the brand’s name enough, but you have to know why you must consider sesame oil for your baby. Here are some of the reasons listed below:

  1. Sesame oil is best to detoxify the body. It is known for its detoxification properties, which no other oil can do. It pulls the toxins from the skin during the baby massage process as it is rich in antioxidants. 
  2. Sesame seed oil reduces inflammation and stress. Moreover, it protects the heart and reduces the risk of cancer. The high fiber of sesame seeds is also good for the baby’s heart.
  3. Sesame oil is best to heal wounds. Gentle massage on the wound area with sesame oil heals more quickly because of the antioxidant properties of this oil. 
  4. It nourishes and heals your baby’s body from the inside compared to other oils. It has healthy nutrients that boost a baby’s immune system and reduces inflammation. 
  5. Applying sesame oil to the baby’s scalp helps to treat cradle caps. It also promotes hair growth and luster; regular massaging benefits a baby’s hair growth and improves the texture. 

The Bottom Line 

A gentle massage gives relaxation as well as strength to the baby. Baby skin is sensitive, and bones are not in a condition to pick the burden. For this, you should always prefer organic and natural sesame oil and organic oil is also known as cold-pressed oil. 

Little Rituals prefer only cold-pressed oils because they add plant actives that provide biotic components essential for healthy and nourished skin. 

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