What should I look out for when buying an e-racing bike?

An e-racing bike remains a special case with many rough edges. If you regularly use your bike for sport and are preparing for the triathlon, you can probably do without the additional drive.

The situation is different if you start training again due to restrictions and some sections of the route cause you difficulties or you simply want to go on longer tours. Even if you can no longer keep up physically with the youngsters due to your age, but would like to continue riding in a group, the e-racing bike is an option.

But even without sporting ambitions, the e-racing bike can be used. Especially in cities you see more and more racing cyclists who appreciate the bikes because of their weight advantage. A 14-kilogram e-road bike is much easier to carry to a fourth-floor apartment than a heavy e-city bike. And last but not least, the fun factor plays a decisive role. If you want to trade speed for comfort or functionality under all circumstances, then the e-road bike is for you.

What should I look out for when buying an e-road bike?

Riding an e-racing bike is all the more fun the better you can rely on your bike. The components have to compensate for some typical deficits in the area of ​​safety: With the e-racing bike you are permanently on the move at increased speed, the wheels have little profile and the seating position shifts your center of gravity forward.

It is all the more important that the bike is well tuned overall. The best way to test this is to sit up and see if you feel in control. Driving stability and the ability to react quickly are essential at high speeds.

The drive

Not all e-road bikes show the same handling under the same motor. The drive should be well adjusted and give the bike a natural riding experience. If you do without a lot of comfort on the e-racing bike, the safety of the operation should not be neglected.

Can you easily reach the necessary switches to adjust the drive while driving? Does the motor bother you when it is idling or at speeds in excess of 25 km/h? Keep in mind that it is often more difficult to take your hand off the handlebars, especially with narrow tires and a light, stiff frame.

One of the most popular questions when buying an e-bike is how long the battery will last. No manufacturer can make a blanket statement about this. After all, on a straight stretch with the e-racing bike you are usually above the maximum support speed. In the mountains, however, the light energy storage devices reach their limits relatively quickly. Spare batteries can help you if you plan to cross the Alps.

Since the engine only does part of the work, the gear shift on a road bike is of particular importance. Especially when you drive varied routes, you are dependent on the entire bandwidth of the gear ratio. Two chainrings and a wide selection of sprockets are advisable on a racing bike. In addition, the gear shift should be of high quality so that shifting is not a problem even under load.

The weight

Weight plays a crucial role on a racing bike. The lighter your bike, the better you can make progress. This is reflected in the range of the battery itself. Most e-racing bikes are therefore made of carbon. Carbon is an ultra-light material and can be processed into extremely stable constructions.

However, other components also count towards the weight. Pedals, wheels, rims and tires quickly attract negative attention. E-road bikes are available from just over 11 kilograms up to 17 kilograms. Six kilograms difference doesn’t seem like much at first. But when you compare both bikes in practice, you realize that they are worlds apart. Not to mention if you want to carry your road bike into the apartment.

The frame geometry

You sit sportily on the racing bike. This means that you bend over the frame to offer as little drag as possible. But the optimization for speed quickly comes at the expense of comfort.

Above all, make sure that you feel comfortable on the e-road bike. It is important that your posture is not associated with discomfort. The interaction between stem and handlebar has a significant influence on this. If a very athletic position doesn’t suit you, then a slightly upright posture is a better option.

You shouldn’t feel like you have to stretch too far on the e-bike to even get to the handlebars. Although you sit more stretched out compared to other frame shapes, there are limits here too. If the way forward is too far, the frame is too big. After all, you need a sitting position in which you can react lightning fast at high speed without losing your balance.

A test ride should therefore be much more important for an e-racing bike than the data sheet. Unless, of course, you already know the right geometry for you from old bikes.

Brakes and tires

Many e-racing bikes do not have a light system or bell as sports equipment. However, if you want to use your speedster in everyday life, you should make sure that you can retrofit them.

As on every e-bike, the brakes play a special role, since you are generally faster with e-bikes than with conventional bicycles. This is all the more true with the e-racing bike. Hydraulic disc brakes are therefore standard on most e-racing bikes. They offer excellent deceleration and also grip strongly in an emergency. It is also important that you can easily reach the brake levers from any position on the handlebars.

The tires of your e-racing bike usually have a flat profile or no profile at all and are as narrow as possible. As a result, they have less rolling resistance on the road and enable an even faster ride. Most road bikes run with high air pressure. However, due to their hardness, light weight and low profile, they are also more prone to punctures. As a cyclist you have to live with that. A spare tube and tire levers in the seat pack are therefore highly recommended.

Our e-road bike recommendations

Although e-racing bikes are technically highly sophisticated companions, you get high quality for the same price as for G-Force ebike t42. Finally, many components of comfort are missing, such as the suspension. Nevertheless, there is a price difference of several thousand euros between the ultra-light top bikes and the entry-level models.

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