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Where else in Europe you can study for free (or inexpensively)

This begs the question, are there other European countries where you can study for free or inexpensively?

In several European countries, you can find affordable or even free options, while you do not have to sacrifice quality to save money.


Another European country where you can get a free education (or the cost will be quite low). Austrians and students who come from EU/EEA countries have the same rights and can study for free. In the future, the amount is only € 363 per semester.

If you are from outside the EU/EEA, then you will have to pay a little more, around €726 (~ US$803) per semester. Living expenses will be approximately €11,400 (~ US$12,600) per year.


In Belgium, students from EU countries have the advantage of being able to graduate without paying absolutely anything. The maximum amount they will have to pay is € 906 per year.

Although students from other countries should not be upset, because the cost of education for them is relatively low and is approximately € 4,175 (~ US$ 4,620) per year. Living in Belgium would cost around €11,400 (~ US$11,600) per year.

Czech Republic

If you know the Czech language, the doors of any public university in the Czech Republic are open to you, which means that education will be free. The cost for students wishing to study in English is also relatively low, at around €4,000-12,000 (~ US$4,425-13,275) per year. Prices in the Czech Republic are much lower than in many other Western European countries. For a comfortable life without frills, a student needs approximately US$ 9,000 per year.


Absolutely all students coming from the EU / EEA countries are entitled to free higher education at public universities in Greece. Only some master’s programs are an exception.

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For other students, the cost will be approximately €1,500 (~ US$ 1,660) per year. It should be noted that the prices for food and accommodation in Greece are among the lowest in Europe.


Everyone knows that in private universities in Italy, tuition prices bite. Of course, in comparison with them, public universities are much cheaper. Students will need to pay the amount of €900-4,000 (~ US$ 995-4,420) per year of undergraduate study.


EU citizens do not pay university fees in Spain, while international students will need to pay an amount of € 750-2,500 (~ US$ 830-2,760) per year.

Living in Spain costs €10,800-13,200 (~ US$ 11,940-14,600) per year.


For Argentines, higher education is free, and foreign students will have to pay a small amount for studying at state universities. For private institutions, fees can be up to US$ 5,000 per year or more.


Typically, the cost of studying in India is no more than US$ 7,300 per year for international students. This applies to public institutions because private universities usually cost more. Living expenses will be very modest since the prices of various consumer goods and rental housing are much lower than in other countries, especially European ones. Generally speaking, you can live comfortably on just US$4,300 a year. It is worth noting that in India, foreigners are not allowed to work while studying.


You don’t have to shell out a tidy sum for study in Taiwan, so higher education is available to many people. At the same time, the best universities in the country offer their students excellent programs.

National Taiwan University is the country’s leading university. In the ranking of the best universities, he takes 69th place. Here, undergraduate students in 2018/19 were charged TW$ 100,920-124,200 (~ US$ 3,200-3,965) per year.

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