synthetic gear oil

Why Should You Use a Synthetic Gear Oil?

If you have a vehicle like a bike or car or any other automobile; you must be knowing the important role that an oil plays. Of course, you want that your vehicle works smoothly , efficiently and without any hassles. And for that, you must invest in a good vehicle oil.

Before you even dive in benefits of different types of oil categories, it would be good to brief the main oil advantages:

  • Decrees in friction and wear
  • Protection of equipment 
  • Temperature control
  • Life Span, overall efficiency & reliability of engine components

The perks of oil change are manifold for your vehicle: it must run more smoothly, and last for a longer time. Now, when you are choosing a good oil for your vehicle, you may be wondering why should you go for synthetic gear oil, right? Well, below you would find out some amazing perks of using synthetic oil.

Quick perks of Synthetic oils  

There are abundant of perks of synthetic oil and a few are like:

  • You get better low- and high-type of temperature viscosity performance at that of service temperature extremes.
  • Experience better level of viscosity index (VI).
  • Enhanced chemical and shear stability.
  • Drop in the evaporative loss.
  • Confrontation to oxidation, thermal breakdown, and even that of oil sludge problems.
  • Likelihood to extended drain intervals, with the overall environmental perks of less used oil waste produced.
  • Enhanced fuel economy in certain types of engine configurations.
  • Better level of lubrication during extreme cold weather begins 
  • Perhaps a longer engine life.
  • You get a superior level of protection against “ash” and other kinds of deposit formation in engine hot spots (in specifically in turbochargers and superchargers) for less type of oil burn off and condensed possibilities of damaging oil passageway clogging.
  • Enhanced horsepower and torque because of less initial drag on engine.
  • This synthetic oil even enhances fuel economy (FE).

Is Synthetic oil better than other oil types?

Well, though every oil has its set of benefits but if you compare synthetic oil to other oils, you may find it better for sure.  Take a tour of following points for better understanding:

  • Synthetic oil flows easier in cold weather, hence no loss of prime once the oil is cold. Also, it is much resistant to viscosity breakdown (the capability of the oil to flow conveniently in all temps) from friction, heat, chemical contaminants.
  • Remember that synthetic oil change frequency is lower than that of any sort of regular oil change frequency. Indeed, there are longer type of change intervals for synthetic oils: seven  point five hundred to ten thousand miles between oil changes (in comparison with three thousand for mineral oil).  
  • Synthetic oil flows easily, hence synthetic oil is not advised for use on high mileage engines and in new kinds of engines during the break-in period because it is quite slippery and it restricts the wearing of new coupling parts within the engine.


So, if you are looking for the best gear oil, you may want to consider synthetic oil.


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